Untitled (falling down)
SD Video, no sound

The impetus for Untitled (falling down) was the desire for human flight. The video depicts separate views of a lush landscape in which a woman stands up, removes a piece of clothing then proceeds to fall down repeatedly. Her gesture is exaggerated and reminiscent of the physical comedy of Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. She wears eight separate out fits, one layered on top another, and removes each piece down to her under garments. The looping video captures the female body unraveling as it encounters failure and becomes increasingly revealed. But as the frame successively widens the viewer is given less detail of the exposed figure, thereby creating a further removal. Though she is becoming undone, the figure persists in the futile endeavor to undermine the force of gravity. The simultaneity of display and distance subverts the relationship between participant and spectator, female body and the male gaze. In turn, Untitled (falling down) illustrates an unfulfilled desire and the physical manifestation of the obstacles of female objectification.

Video Still