HD Video, Color, Sound
TRT: 05:10

The tensions and frictions between feminine grace and hysteria animate many of the video works by Ali Prosch. In Tossed she employs her signature approach of melding repetitive, gestural performance with d.i.y. video effects to draw the viewer into psychologically charged scenes. Anger, disassociation, beauty, sensuousness, physicality, and abstract aesthetics give Tossed its potency, as Prosch infuses the mundane domestic task of preparing a salad with understated affective power. The performance in the video is set in a bleach white backdrop against which the leafy greens fly, spill and scatter, creating attractive and dynamic compositions that articulate the feelings that the stoic woman in the video refuses to (Toss your own fucking salad./Why am I doing this?). Watching the character work with such little gusto makes us feel uncomfortable, yet we enjoy looking at her. In her deep blue shirt and against that white background she is graceful and sculptural like a Renaissance Madonna, with aloft gaze and beautiful face. Although she seems distant from us we can in fact connect to her situation, one we usually deal with everyday, trying to make the best out of bullshit.
Jillian Hernandez, 2012
Curator, AAUW fellow and Assistant Professor at the Ethnic Studies Department and Critical Gender Studies Program at the University of California, San Diego

Tossed preview and stills