Polyphony and the Green Room
Video installation and performance

Polyphony and the Green Room, title for the site-specific project executed at
Fredric Snitzer Gallery’s exterior project space. Consisting of multiple video projections and a one-night only performance work, the usually barren plot of land was transformed utilizing large-scale projections to expand the horizon of the existing plot into a lush garden. The trailer itself underwent a reworking to make it into just what it was, a trailer. Upon approaching the vintage Streamline, the viewer realized that usual admittance (a local exhibition space) was not permitted, as what awaited them was myself partially shielded behind a beaded curtain entrance wielding a shotgun. For the purpose of this performance the trailer was my green room, a private space. The interior off limits; it’s contents known only to me. While my gestures and interactions with the audience were my performance, the real stage took the form of a video work titled “Polyphony” projected in the alleyway to the rear of the trailer.

Polyphony, staged in an abandoned theatre, traces the path of a performer endlessly traversing on and off the stage. Her “act” consists solely of an encore, and her song is in fact a rising high-pitched scream. A call to arms, as the flowers thrown in admiration seem to rise up in the air in unison with her cry.