D3 is an artist-run service specializing in object divestment. Dealing with objects that are emotionally burdensome and have outlived their welcome, D3 provides a personalized step-by-step process to clients who wish to deaccession such items from their personal collections. This process is founded upon the 3 Ds: Deliver, Document, Destroy. The approach to destroying an object functions to transform matter, reorganize the energy it represents, and disperse the formidable associations triggered by the object. All of the materials generated through the processing of objects become part of the D3 Archive. D3 was founded in 2010 by Megan Cotts, Ali Prosch and Brica Wilcox; three artists with a mutual interest in the intersection of images, objects, and narratives.

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photo document, post destruction, #0001 w/ handmade potatoe launcher

PR Material for "1980 Special Edition" at Machine Project

D3 – 1980 Special Edition,  Submission Tags, Installation view